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Essential Oils

Essential Oils  The use of pure, quality essential oils to facilitate the health of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy incorporates the senses of touch and smell. The chemistry of the essential oils interacts with our own chemistry to relieve stress, comfort the mind, balance emotions and support numerous physical ailments. To learn more about our quality copy & paste this url in your browser.
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Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils before applying to the skin. They “carry” the essential oil into the skin. Different carrier oils offer different properties. Select according to your needs. 100% Pure Carrier Oils for all your Aromatherapy needs.

Carrier Oils  

EO Combinations

EO Combinations   Essential Oils are balancing. When Masterfully combined, they work together, each oil enhancing the others for maximum effectiveness. Ours contain 100% pure, single-species essential oils. As you come to know our blends - and especially the intent of those who create them, you'll come to love them.
Information on our quality - - How to use Essential Oils - Diffusers -

Essential Oil Sets

Select the set of your choice to meet your aromatherapy needs. Garden Essence essential oils.Reference Guide for Emotions url
Diffusers -

Essential Oil Sets  

Essential oils

Essential oils   Essential Oils for Aromatherapy to facilitate the health of body, mind and spirit. Highest quality available. For more information on our quality copy & paste this url in your browser.
For How to use Essential Oils for Health and in Aromatherapy url
Reference Guide for Emotions url
Diffusers -

KidCare Oils for Children

We have found these essential oils can help alleviate common children’s problems such as stuffy noses, calming down rough red skin. Some concerns and ailments that we wanted to address is occasional soreness, sniffles, calming concerns and immune support.

KidCare Oils for Children  
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