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Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada 425 mg by Natures Way.  (natures)  (laxative)  (detox)

Consider for:

  • chronic constipation
  • mild laxative
  • colitis
  • digestive complaints
  • hemorrhoids
  • liver problems
  • jaundice
  • cleaning
  • detoxifying
  • colon cleanser
  • eliminating parasitic infestation

Section: Natures Way Products
Manufacturer: Natures Way

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Product Information:

Cascara Sagrada by Nature's Way.

Cascara Sagrada bark is recommended by Germany’s Commission E as a mild and effective treatment for chronic constipation and is especially useful as a mild laxative for elderly people or for those with fragile health. Cascara Sagrada bark is used for constipation where a stimulant laxative is required. It is also used for colitis, digestive complaints, hemorrhoids, liver problems and jaundice. The bark contains anthraquinones (cascarosides A and B), which are transformed by intestinal bacteria into substances that increase peristalsis in the large intestine and help restore its tone. The bark is rich in hormone like oils that promote peristaltic action (contractions) in the intestinal canal and is considered excellent for cleaning and detoxifying programs. It is also used as a colon cleanser and for eliminating parasitic infestation.

Take at bedtime as needed with a full glass of water.
Adults & Children age 12 and over: Take 1-2 capsules.
Children under 12 years of age: Consult a doctor.
Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not take for more than 1 week as frequent or prolonged use may result in dependence.

Caution: Do not use when nausea or vomiting are present unless directed by a doctor. Consult a doctor if you notice a sudden change in bowel habits that persist over 2 weeks. Rectal bleeding or failure to move bowels after use may indicate a serious condition. Discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Vcaps® is a trademark of Capsugel.

**Based on 2000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients

Plant-derived capsule

UPC Codes: 033674113080



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