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Candida Formula #1

Candida Formula #1  (old name Kantita)  100 caps.

Section: Herbal Formulas - HK
Manufacturer: Hanna Kroeger

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Product Information:

Candida Formula #1  (old name Kantita)  100 capsules.  

Bacteria Support.  Your body has the ability to maintain healthy levels of good and bad bacteria, common fungi and ordinary yeasts. A popular product formulated at the dawn of modern dietary supplements. Candida Formula #1 works in alliance with Candida Formula #2 and a proper diet.

The Candida Program consists of Candida Formula #1 and Candida Formula #2, usually 2 bottles of each then followed by Taurine Dophilius.   

Additional dietary suggestions: Yogurt, no yeast or mushrooms, avoid sugars, Candida Formula #2.

Contains:  Condurango Bark, Yellow Dock, Red Clover 

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