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St. Johns Wort

St. Johns WortHypericum perforatum††

Section: Bulk Dry Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Product Information:

St. Johns WortHypericum perforatum†

Traditionally, a powerful natural medicine for temporary depression.† It has become the world's most popular herbal supplement for banishing the blues and controlling stress and has also been used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and a host of other ailments.

Healthy Mood and Mind

You might not realize it, but a healthy mood can be worth its weight in gold. When your mood is healthy, youíre more productive, more inspired, more energetic and more able to cope with the occasional bouts of adversity that each one of us is subject to. But letís be honest. Keeping a positive mental attitude isnít always the easiest task in the world. Life is stressful, and can quickly take a toll on even the best of moods.

When you take into consideration how many millions of individuals are now using over-the-counter prescription drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, and an endless pharmacy full of others, it makes you wonder why so many of us seem to be down in the dumps. Has life just gotten too out of control? Are we really that stressed out? Or are the drug companies simply cashing in on our natural desire to feel good, even at the expense of our normal chemical balance? Perhaps itís a combination of all three?

Understanding Neurotransmitters

Science has taught us many interesting things about the quality and conditional factors of the human mood. One of the most fascinating, is the role that neurotransmitters play Ė most notably, serotonin. If youíre not familiar with this term, serotonin is a chemical messenger hormone that is produced by the brain from protein. Its primary role is to carry electrical impulses from the brain to the central nervous system. Interestingly, the efficacy of this process has a strong infl uence on the quality of emotion.

Depression, manic conditions, bipolar disorders, insomnia, anxiety and other neurological disorders have been linked to an imbalance in the brainís ability to produce and use serotonin. In fact, some of the most famous clinical (and nonclinical) studies continue to suggest that serotonin imbalances serve as the foundation for some of the most common mood abnormalities.

Dopamine is another good example. This chemical neurotransmitter plays a fundamental role in feelings of pleasure, emotion, movement, thought and many other aspects of human behavior. Researchers have attributed imbalances in dopamine levels to more severe neural conditions such as aggression, schizophrenia, paranoia and multiple-personality disorders. And while more research is clearly needed to factually determine why this is, itís clear that human mood is at the mercy of more influences than any of us could possibly imagine.

And like every other major system of the body, the components that make up t

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