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Pau d Arco

Pau d' Arco  Tabebuia incarnata   (pau d arco)

Consider for:

  • anti-fungal properties (candida, yeast)
  • anti-viral action 
  • Several studies have tested it's successful effectiveness for treating cancer in patients.
  • Supports Intestinal Health
  • Encourages Friendly Intestinal Flora
  • Supports Healthy Cells 
  • historically helps promote wellness on a number of levels
  • support healthy intestinal flora
  • possesses powerful antioxidant properties
  • supports healthy cell growth

Section: Bulk Dry Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Wildcrafted bark powder 4 oz. ($4.55 USD)
Wildcrafted bark cut 4 oz. ($6.80 USD)
Wildcrafted bark powder 8 oz. ($7.50 USD)
Wildcrafted bark cut 8 oz. ($11.30 USD)
Wildcrafted bark powder 16 oz. ($12.50 USD)
100 capsules wildcrafted ($12.75 USD)
Wildcrafted bark cut 16 oz. ($18.85 USD)

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Product Information:

Pau d' Arco  Tabebuia incarnata 

Historically, American herbalists use this herb to enhance liver function and to help lessen the effects of AIDS, allergies, cardiovascular problems, inflammatory bowel syndrome, rheumatism, tumors, and ulcers.

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