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Motherwort  Leonurus cardiaca 

Section: Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Motherwort  Leonurus cardiaca 

Traditionally used as a wonderful support for women's health, easing menstrual cramps, PMS and the symptoms of menopause.  But it is also a great relaxant that helps to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and nervous disorders.  Also has been used since ancient times to "strengthen and gladden the heart."   As a cardiac tonic, it is said to reduce heart palpitations.  The herb is thought to strengthen the heartbeat without increasing the pulse rate and to sedate and relax the coronary arteries, resulting in increased circulation to the heart. 

 Motherwort seeds are effective in stimulating a suppressed or delayed menstruation, and can ease dysmenorrhoea, especially when there is anxiety or tension involved. It has also been used to ease false labor pains, and when taken as an infusion after childbirth, helps restore the uterus and reduce the risk of postpartum bleeding. Motherwort is also helpful in reducing the effects of menopause. The seeds are also said to brighten vision, and a decoction of seeds is used to relieve conjunctivitis or sore and tired eyes. The aerial part of the plant is used to treat eczema and sores. An infusion or diluted Motherwort tincture can be used as a douche for vaginal infections and discharges.

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