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Gentian  Gentiana lutea 

Section: Bulk Dry Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Gentian Gentiana lutea 

For indigestion, it is one of the most useful of the bitter vegetable tonics. Taken thirty minutes before eating, it is thought to stimulate the digestive juices, increase pancreatic activity and the production of bile (good for the liver, gallbladder and stones), and boost the blood supply to the digestive tract and intestines. It is said to be excellent for preventing gas. Further supporting its beneficial effects on liver function, the increased bile produced by Gentian is thought to be particularly helpful in digesting fat and protein and easing liver malfunction and jaundice. Gentian is said to strengthen the entire human system by increasing vascular circulation and stimulating the activities of many glands and organs by ensuring a healthy blood supply. As an overall tonic, Gentian has been useful in treating those in a state of exhaustion from chronic disease or in cases of general debility. It stimulates the appetite, which is also useful in treating anorexia. Another benefit attributed to Gentian is its mild ability to clean the bowel and effectively, slowly cleanse hardened morbid matter from the colon.

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