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SKU: H180

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Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Capsicum annuum by Western Botanical

Section: Bulk Dry Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Cayenne Pepper African Bird 4 oz. powder - 160 HU ($12.15 USD)
Cayenne African Bird 8 oz. pwd - 160 HU ($23.85 USD)
Cayenne Pepper African Bird 16 oz. powder 160 HU ($47.45 USD)

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Product Information:

Cayenne Capsicum annuum 

Cayenne is an overall digestive aid that stimulates the production of gastric juices, clears excess mucus from the stomach, helps to alleviate stomach ulcers from within, improves the appetite and relieves nausea from seasickness. It is also used as a carminative that helps to relieve gas. Cayenne relieves pain (taken both internally and applied topically). Is a strong pain-relieving agent that alleviates the joint pain of arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasms, cramps and bowel pain. In addition, Cayenne is believed to trigger the release of endorphins by the brain, chemicals that relieve pain that may be helpful in treating cluster headaches. Herbalists recommend it to treat colds and infectious diarrhea. Cayenne is said to speed up the metabolism of fat and may reduce weight gain due to a high fat diet by increasing the liver enzymes accountable for fat metabolism, and decrease fat deposits in the liver caused by high fat diet. This pepper is also used with lobelia to help soothe nerves. It is beneficial for the heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, spleen, and stomach.  It also fights viral infection. When applied topically in a lotion or salve Cayenne works to soothe muscle aches and pains associated with arthritis, rheumatism, backache, strains and sprains.  

African Bird Seed HU 180,000  -  Habanero comes in HU 200,000 and also 310,000HU  -  Low Heat Cayenne is 40,000 HU

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