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Black Currant

Black Currant   Ribes nigrum 

Section: Bulk Dry Herbs
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Product Information:

Black Currant   Ribes nigrum 

Black Currant fruits help increase bodily resistance to infections and are a valuable remedy for treating colds and flu. The fresh or vacuum-sealed juice, helps stem diarrhea and calms indigestion. The leaves encourage the elimination of fluids which reduces blood volume, and in turn, lowers blood pressure. An infusion can be used to treat rheumatic pain and whooping cough. Black Currant leaves can be used externally on slow-healing cuts and abscesses, and as a gargle for sore throats and mouth ulcers. A decoction of the bark has been used to treat hemorrhoidal tumors. Black Currant seed oil has been used to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

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