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 Cina vibropathic by Hanna Kroeger Herbs.  (Wormseed)   6x 1 oz. pellet  

Section: Vibropatics - HK
Manufacturer: Hanna Kroeger

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Cina  vibropathic by Hanna Kroeger Herbs.   (Wormseed)   6x 1 oz. pellet  

This is a children’s remedy, - big, fat, rosy, scrofulous, corresponding to many conditions that may be referred to intestinal irritation, such as worms and accompanying complaints. An irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth, and even convulsions, with screams and violent jerkings of the hands and feet, are all within its range of action. The Cina patient is hungry, cross, ugly, and wants to be rocked. Pain in shocks. Skin sensitive to touch.
WORSE, looking fixedly at an object, from worms, at night, in sun, in summer.

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