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Yellow Dock Extract

Yellow Dock Extract Rumex crispus liquid.

Section: Herbal Extracts
Manufacturer: Herbs

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Product Information:

Yellow Dock Extract Rumex crispus liquid.

Yellow Dock is a tonic that has been used to cleanse the system of toxic wastes and help to relieve virtually all disorders associated with impurities in the blood.  It promotes clear, healthy skin and alleviates eczema, pimples, psoriasis and acne.  While cleansing the liver, it has helped to treat jaundice, hepatitis and other liver disorders.  Its laxative effects promote good colon health, easing constipation, clearing bodily wastes and improving skin eruptions caused by constipation.

Yellow Dock is used in treating conditions of the blood and glandular system and is indicated in scrofula, eruptive diseases, especially when discharges are experienced, as in running of the ears, ulcerated eyelids and skin conditions, itch, scurvy, brittle nails, etc. This herb works in treating bowel infections, peptic ulcers and is stimulates the liver and bile production. It can also help improve digestion, and reduce flatulence and distension. The root is used in treating gout, arthritis, cystitis, water retention, urinary stones and gravel. In Bello, Russia, they use the flowers for dysentery, kidney and bladder, diarrhea, stomach sickness, and the root for pain after heavy lifting. Herbalists suggest using the mineral-rich plant for cancer, leprosy, bleeding of the lungs and bowels and for rheumatic conditions. Yellow Dock works well in treating skin problems such as weeping eczema, psoriasis, nettle rash, boils and abscesses by pulling toxins out of the tissues. It has also been used to treat irregular periods, heavy bleeding and menstrual pain and fibroids in the uterus. The iron in the root can provide an excellent remedy for anemia and can help reduce debility, mental lethargy, headaches, convalescence, low spirits and irritability.

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