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Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed (Daucus Carota var sativa) - France - Essential oil by Garden Essence.  100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.

Consider for:

  •  removing toxin
  • water build up in the skin
  • detoxifying
  • liver
  • cleans the digestive system
  • arthritis
  • gout
  • edema
  • rheumatism
  • toxins in muscles and joints
  • Parasites
  • revitalizing
  • toning
  • wrinkles
  • PMT
  • anemia
  • anorexia
  • colic
  • indigestion
  • liver congestion
  • amenorrhea
  • dysmenorrhea
  • glandular problems
  • throat and lungs
  • bronchitis
  • influenza

Section: Essential oils
Manufacturer: Garden Essence Essential Oils

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Product Information:

Carrot Seed  (Daucus Carota var sativa) - France -Essential oil by Garden Essence 100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.  Carrot seed is fantastic for skin care (revitalizing and toning) and considered one of the best Essential Oils for Mature Skin. Carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance. Carrot seed oil has a detoxifying effect on the liver and cleans the digestive system and the body as a whole. It is helpful for arthritis, gout, edema, rheumatism and the accumulation of toxins in muscles and joints. Parasites, revitalizing and toning, wrinkles, PMT, anemia, anorexia, colic, indigestion, liver congestion, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, glandular problems. Carrot seed strengthens the mucus membranes in the nose, throat and lungs, thus has a beneficial effect on problems such as bronchitis and influenza.

Blends well with: Frankincense, Lavender, Rosewood, Blue Cypress, Geranium

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