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Xiang Gu

Xiang Gu Shiitake Mushrooms, liquid extract by Golden Lotus.


  • eight essential amino acids
  • riboflavin,
  • niacin,
  • thiamin,
  • enzymes,
  • ergosterol which, when converted by sunlight, becomes vitamin D
  • ‘life force
  • longevity,
  • immune system protection
  • a preventative against gastrointestinal distress,
  • liver disease,
  • colds,
  • flu,
  • circulatory problems

Section: Chinese Herbal Extracts
Manufacturer: Golden Lotus

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Product Information:

Xiang Gu Shiitake Mushrooms, liquid extract by Golden Lotus.

Scientific studies today are discovering evidence that supports the claims of ancient healers of China that Shiitake can be instrumental in helping to combat a host of conditions such as colds and flu, and serious ailments which includes heart disease, cancer, and life-threatening viral conditions. The active constituent in Shiitake is a polysaccharide called lentinan, which is currently under investigation for its potential anti-tumor effects, blood pressure-lowering effects, and cholesterol-lowering effects. Lentinan is also being studied for its ability to inhibit cancer. In recent years, Shiitake extracts have been tested for use as an adjunct to chemotherapy, and currently in Japan, a highly purified form of lentinan is being used in conjunction with standard chemotherapy agents in the treatment of cancer.

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