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Dan Shen

Dan Shen / Salvia miltiorrhizae / Red Sage Root / by Golden Lotus.

Primary Functions
· Circulation enhancer.
· To dispel heat.
· To remove blood stagnation or blood stasis accompanied by heat.
· Affects the Heart function.
· Treats hot skin diseases.
· Treats menstrual problems.

Section: Chinese Herbal Extracts
Manufacturer: Golden Lotus

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Product Information:

Dan Shen / Salvia / Red Sage Root / by Golden Lotus.


  • Invigorates Blood and Dispels Stasis
    For gynecological disorders such as irregular menses, amenorrhea, and post-partum abdominal pain. It is also for chest, epigastric, and abdominal pain as well as traumatic injury. It disperses masses and accumulations.
  • Clears Heat and Soothes Irritability
    For restlessness, irritability, palpitations, and insomnia due to heat in the nutritive (Ying) level. Can also be used for Heart and Kidney Yin Deficiency patterns.
  • Cools Blood and Reduces Abscesses
    Has a potent action to reduce swelling in toxic sores and breast abscesses. It cools the blood to treat symptoms of febrile disorders or the presence of heat in the ying or xue levels with symptoms of delirium, high fever, unconsciousness, irritability, insomnia, purpura or subcutaneous bleeding.
  • Nourishes the Blood and Calms the Spirit
    Treats palpitations and insomnia due to heat in the ying and xue levels, heat in the heart and heart blood deficiency.


Salvia (Salvia miltiorrhizae) is not a tonic herb because it does not nourish any of the three treasures.  However, it is a very important herb in the tonic health system because of its critical role as a circulation enhancer.  Salvia (Red Sage Root) has the capacity to activate blood circulation and to dispel “blood stasis,” or blood congestion.  Salvia is a cooling herb that can dispel heat. As a cooling herb, it can be used to treat problems where there is blood stagnation (areas where blood flow is sluggish) or blood stasis (areas where blood flow is entirely blocked or impeded) accompanied by heat, as is the case in heart disease (inflammation) and skin eruptions.   

It is the perhaps the primary herb now used in Chinese herbalism used to prevent and treat heart disease, including angina pectoris.  Salvia can be combined with Ligusticum and Notoginseng to improve circulation in the myocardium, or it can be used alone.  It is now believed in China to have preventive action.  

Traditionally, Salvia (Dan Shen in Chinese) is usually used in combination with other herbs. However, in the past decade Salvia has come to be commonly used by itself in China. This is due to extensive research that has shown it to be both safe and an effective cardiovascular health product.                        

Salvia has long been one of the primary herbs used to treat hot skin conditions, including acne and boils. Such sores are considered to be “hot” (they are inflamed and red) and stagnant.  Salvia is used to clear out toxins and cool the area down (relieve inflammation). Salvia can be used with Dang Gui, Pearl, White Peony, and Scute to help clear the skin. 

Many women have found that Salvia is also extremely valuable for treating menstrual problems, including irregular, absent or painful menstruation. For this purpose it would be combined with some of the following formulations: Four Things Combination, Bupleurum and Peony Combination, and Bupleurum and Dang Gui Combination.   

Traditional Function:   Cools Blood, vitalizes Blood, clears heat, improves Blood flow, benefits Heart

Who can use it? Those who tend to run hot and have a Yang constitution. It is often excellent for those with a ruddy complexion. 

Organ Meridian Systems - Heart, Pericardium, Liver

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