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Hormonal Changease

Hormonal Changease Combination (Changease) - by Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas - 100 Vcaps      (87323, 49823)

Section: Dr C. Supplements
Manufacturer: Dr. Christopher

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Hormonal Changease 2 fl.oz. extract /49823 ($19.95 USD)
Hormonal Changease 100 capsules /89123 ($36.25 USD)
Hormonal Changease Bulk 8 oz. pwd. /87323 ($115.25 USD)

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Product Information:

Hormonal Changease Combination (Changease) - by Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas - 100 Vcaps - Black Cohosh, Sarsparilla, Ginseng, Licorice, False Unicorn, Holy Thistle and Squaw Vine. These are natural herbal foods that are needed by both men and women at all ages.

The body can accept, assimilate and needs nutrients to produce estrogens and other hormones naturally. It may assist in rebuilding the weak malfunctioning areas and help keep the organs healthy so they can supply the proper amounts of hormones and estrogens themselves. These herbs are a natural food, so they do not have side effects. The critical times when this formula is necessary are when entering puberty, during pregnancy, during the weeks and sometimes months following the birth of a child, and during menopause. Available in capsules, extract and bulk forms.

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