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Cayenne by Grandma's Herbs 100 caps 450 mgs

Heart - Blood Pressure - Circulation

Section: Grandmas Herbs
Manufacturer: Grandmas Herbs

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Product Information:

Cayenne by Grandma's Herbs 100 caps 450 mgs

Heart - Blood Pressure - Circulation

Cayenne has been used, for over 7,000 years, as a food, condiment and medicine.  It helps blood circulation and is the key to healing.

Cayenne draws blood to body parts which are ailing or injured. This extra blood supply gives warmth and nourishment to the injured area so that it heals faster.  It also stimulates the circulatory system, influencing the heart immediately, and then it gradually affects the arteries, capillaries and nerves by strengthening the cell structure giving them the elasticity they once had. 

Cayenne is the very finest food for the heart:  It helps stabilize blood pressure and may stop heart attack or stroke.  Increases pulse power which carries blood to all body parts.

Cayenne effective for many digestive disorders:  It rebuilds stomach tissue and may heal stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Cayenne is a pure and natural stimulant:  Increases nerve sensibility and is a stimulus body energy and enhances its function.

Cayenne has (6) pain relieving compounds and (7) that are anti-inflammatory:  Mix cayenne with lotion and rub on wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome, painful arthritis joints and backaches.  It also may be helpful on psoriasis and shingles.  (First test a small area of your skin for sensitivity)

Cayenne can be taken in juice or water which allows the body to assimilate it more quickly.

Many treat fevers with cayenne.  It is a good gargle for a sore throat and is useful for colds, flu, low vitality, headaches, depression and arthritis. It is known to stop bleeding or hemorrhaging almost instantly.

Cayenne feeds the heart and equalizes blood pressure. Helps with circulation.

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