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OxyQuest Drops

OxyQuest  Drops 2 oz. by Immune Tree TBR Labs

Consider for:

  • Neutralize the “acidity”
  • balance the pH

Section: Immune Tree

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Product Information:

OxyQuest  Drops 2 oz. by Immune Tree TBR Labs

OxyQuest provides support for alkalinity essential to wellness.

OxyQuest contains only negatively charged oxygen electrolytes.

OxyQuest is formulated with two of the most abundant and important electrolytes in body fluids: sodium and chloride. These two ingredient components act as oxygen carriers.
OxyQuest provides:
1. 13.4 Ph for a dilutable alkaline source
2. Proprietary Oxygen Stability Protocol*
3. 12,000 - 15,000 ppm of Stablized Oxygen Molecules*
Oxygen Stabalized Protocol is a proprietary electrochemical process that sustains molecular stability indefinitely unless OxyQuest is exposed to temperatures exceeding 160 degrees F or to extended periods of direct sunlight.

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