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Kyolic Detox and AntiAging Formula 105

Detox and AntiAging Formula 105 by Kyolic

Vitamins A, C, Green Tea, Magnesium

Section: Kyolic
Manufacturer: Kyolic

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Product Information:

Detox and AntiAging Formula 105 by Kyolic

  • Aged Garlic Extract™ [200 mg]; Beta-Carotene [1250 I.U.], Natural Vitamin E [7.5 I.U.]; Vitamin C [7.5 mg]; Selenium [17.5 mcg]; Green Tea [37.5 mg]; Milk Thistle Extract [25 mg]; L-Glutathione [12.5 mg]; Pine Bark Extract [3.75 mg]; Grape Seed Extract [3.75 mg] (per capsule).
  • Aged Garlic Extract has shown antioxidant effects in studies suggesting it may protect white blood cells, liver cells, heart cells and veins, and brain cells from oxidative damage.
  • The additional antioxidants in this formula may help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and protect the body from free radicals and superoxidants.
  • Selenium and Aged Garlic Extract appear to enhance one another’s effectiveness. Vitamin A (produced in the body from beta carotene) may further enhance their effectiveness.
  • Appropriate antioxidant intervention (beta carotene, vitamins C & E, green tea, pine bark, grape seed), by inhibiting or reducing free radical toxicity, may help to alleviate or delay signs of aging.
  • Meanwhile, detoxifying agents (Milk Thistle, L-Glutathione, Selenium) help the body to rid itself of toxins.
  • As part of a healthy diet, the select combination of nutrients in Kyolic Formula 105 helps maintain healthy antioxidant levels, protecting the body from premature aging.*

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